Welcome to Hands Off Bedford Hospital

We are local Campaign Group that has our eye on the national picture

Why are we worried?

Care Closer to Home#justice4NHS

Closure of Walk-in Centres

BMLK Fast Tracked to an Integrated Care System

How are we protecting services?

Attending Local Health Related Meetings

Connecting with National Campaigns

Meeting with Patients and Local Politicians


Who are we?

Hands Off Bedford Hospital (HOBH) is a campaign set up to monitor the government mandated program, the Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STP) and ensure that no downgrading or cessation of our vital services will occur as a result. Bedford is part of the, Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes (BLMK STP).

We are also focusing on the outcomes of the merger between Bedford and Luton & Dunstable Hospitals. While the CEOs of the respective hospitals assure us that the move is only positive there is a history of other such mergers resulting in loss or downgrading of services such as A&E.


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