Dr Alvin Low resigns as Clinical Chair of Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group



Bedford Day Care Hopice gets funding extended for 12 months

Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes health services are set to be fast tracked to an ACS (or now ICS) an organisation that will control our **entire** health and social care budget.

NOTHING precludes a large US company taking over our whole health population’s: Hospitals, GPs, Adult services, Mental Health etc. once this ICS is in place.

Greater Nottingham Accountable Care System has just given responsibility for commissioning ALL these services to a US company called Centene. Who will they commission?? Read more here from our friends at 999 Call for the NHS

Is this what you want for Bedford?

When will people stand up and fight for #OurNHS?

When it’s too late. Or you can come to our meeting and find our more THIS Thursday.


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