At the Health Scrutiny committee meeting, the committee voted unanimously for CCG consultation with the committee on changes to walk in services and a second unanimous vote on public consultation. The CCG said, before the vote, they would respect the decision of the scrutiny committee. The meetings, attended by 7 CCG officers, showed the CCG to be in disarray. The Putnoe GPs were in attendance and publicly challenged the CCG for not offering them a proper opportunity to keep the walk-in centre at Putnoe for a further 12 months from 1 October. The CCG’s handling of the issue has had the effect of creating a united campaign involving local people, councillors, the GPs at the practice. The prospect of keeping the walk-in centre at Putnoe is now a real possibility!

Thanks to the public, local politicians and campaigners

A.C.T. Activism Changes Things!

Update on Putnoe Walk-in Centre

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