Stroke nurses have been advised that they will be redeployed as Stroke beds will move to Luton & Dunstable.(L&D)
Timescales unknown because L&D don’t currently have the beds.
CCG/Bedford Hospital:
No decisions have been made and some beds ma be replaced by other care settings in the Bedford area.
Similar Case:
The Mental Health ward was closed and now there are no beds and patients are shipped out to anywhere that might be able to take them on a case by case basis. These spaces are not always suitable and not always local.
Why have nurses been advised that they are to be redeployed IF no decisions have been taken?
Is our campaign shedding uncomfortable light on changes that the management team thought that they might be able to make ‘under the radar’?

Please spread the message and keep engaging and asking questions

#HOBH #OurNHS #resist

What’s going on?
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