Thurs 11th Oct 2018, Wolverton Working Persons’ Social Club, Stratford Rd, Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5LS

Ag #   Action
1 Present: Chris Coppock (chair & minutes); Gary Lloyd (Treas.); Gail Hawks; Jill Dyson; Richard Hillyer; Christina Sosseh  
  Apologies:  Charles Vincent; Rosie Newbigging; Jenny Feneley; Kevin Vickers; Graham Tranquada  
2 Updates/discussion  
  The STP seems to have stalled, with MK Council (MKC) wanting out.  MK Hospital (MKUH) wants to maintain or strengthen existing links elsewhere e.g. Oxford.  
  RH reported he’d gate-crashed an NHSE consultation meeting in Birmingham, which included many private company reps.  He described current developments as “a giant experiment made up of lots of little experiments”.  CC complimented RH for his initiative.  
  Concern how Sarah Woolston (govt minister and a GP) has shifted the terminology from “ACO” to “ICP”.  
  CS reported she’d expressed concern to Nicola Smith (CEO of MK-CCG) re adopting Referral Management System.  This will weaken role of GPs in referrals, and is run by the Practice Group which is 75% owned by Centene (kicked out of Valencia, Spain, for dodgy practice).  Centene is also contracting to provide private home care.  
  CS reported that MKUH staff must now pay £50/month for a guaranteed parking space.  Six nurses on her former unit were now reduced to one, and replaced with untrained staff or volunteers.  Concern re growing reliance on volunteers to deliver services.  
  We noted with particular concern proposed “group consultations” for patients with similar complaints (e.g. diabetics) backed by “non-disclosure agreements” swearing each participant to confidence!  
3 Review of achievements to date  
  From Bedford, good news that Putnoe Walk-in Centre will now remain open and on existing site for two years, though with reduced mid-week hours.  There is also a new Urgent Treatment Centre at Bedford Hospital, open 11.00-23.00 for a 6-month trial.  Appointments are not required.  
4 Planning for next 6 months  
  CC called for suggestions on key activities/actions.  
  1.  (As agreed last meeting) people should go to meetings, at least in their area, or follow minutes. Difficulty is, there are so many and not all public.  GH noted meetings are cancelled at short notice.  The notice for CCG meetings is only 5 days.  
  Meetings incl. 3 X Hospital Board minutes; 3 X Health & Wellbeing Bds; 3 X Scrutiny Ctees; 1 X JHOSC; 1 X STP Ctee-in-Common; 3 X CCGs. ALL
  CC had attempted a calendar of MK meetings (see Addendum to these minutes).  
  2.  We should support Healthwatch (but yet more meetings, and it fails to scrutinise effectively).  
  3.  Public campaigns and demos—nothing concrete.  
  4. Agreed (as proposed last meeting) we should get a motion asking MK Labour Party All-Members Meeting to support our campaign.  We’re too late for the next AMM (20th Oct), so CC will find out the next one and draft a motion for an MKLP member to submit (CC lives outside MK).  NB The submission deadline is two weeks before. CC/MKLP members
5 Treasurers’ report  
  We have £142: £42 donated by Bedford Trades Council and £100 from Unite (Luton?).  
  We’ve been invited to subscribe to Health Campaigns Together—cost £50.  However CC noted there were other groups (e.g. 999Call4NHS) we could join.  Meeting instructed GL to find out what we get from HCT, in particular the paper, and is the sub one-off or annual? GL
6 Other actions from last meeting (12/07/18, Luton) — none  
7 AOB  
7.1 CC reported he had donated to the 999Call4NHS crowdfunding appeal—for legal costs to appeal dismissal of their JR against the Integrated Care Provider contract.  Now passed their first post of £16K, hoping for £22K.  Donate on ALL
7.2 CC noted (from the BLMK-STP bi-monthly brief lauds their new “Director of Systems Re-design”, Peter Howitt, for his “recent close involvement with the judicial reviews of the new models of accountable care contracts”.  See 7.1 above: he may be one to watch.  See  
8 Next meeting  
  Thurs, 15th Nov, 19.30, Bedford, location TBC.  GL to liaise with RN and JF re venue,  possibly Friends Mtg Ho. GL, RN, JF



FORTHCOMING MEETINGS (MK or whole-STP).  All believed open to public
Title Where When Notes
JHOSC Moves around BLMK Not known (last was 03/10) Joint Health Overview & Scrutiny Ctee
MK Health & Wellbeing Board MK Council Weds 21/11,


Last was 05/09—check minutes
Weds 06/02/19, ditto
Weds 10/04/19, ditto
MK Health & Adult Social Care Scrutiny Ctee. MK Council Weds 05/12,


Has or had an STP Sub-ctee: however I’m told this has ceased, with STP scrutiny referred to JHOSC.
Tues 19/02/19, ditto
BLMK-STP Ctee-in-Common Moves around BLMK Weds 17/10 Secretive: CC trying to find out venues and times
Weds 21/11
Weds 19/12
Weds 16/01/19