Thurs 10th May 2018, Friends Meeting House, Lansdowne Rd, Bedford

Ag #   Action
1 Present: Jenny Feneley (chair), Chris Coppock (minutes), Sue Eason, Graham Tranquada, Adrian Colburn  
  Apologies: Rosie Newbigging, Kevin Vickers, Gail Hawks, Christine Davies, Vince Charles, Markus Kearney, Jim Thakoordin  
2 Intelligence sharing  
2.1 Putnoe Walk-in Centre closure  
  Bedford BC Scrutiny committee rejected, but being “reconvened to reconsider”—presumably under pressure from CCG.  
2.2 Milton Keynes Council–elections  
  Tories 24, Labour 21, but Labour continuing as minority administration, propped up by LDs.  So we may need to work on LDs as well as holding Labour to its pledges.  CC, KV and Christina Sosseh (RCN rep) to meet Labour leader shortly.  The main issue will be: how MKC will oppose the proposed ICS (given ACS is out the window).  We must convince MKC/MKHWB that, whatever the merits of “integration”, capitated budgets will be a disaster.  
2.3 STP Committee in Common meeting, 18/04/18  
  Several members attended, and asked questions suggested by 999Call.  It was agreed to merge/not merge the 3 CCGs with appointment of a single Chief Finance Officer and Joint Accountable Officer.  The ICS will continue as a “shadow” until April 2019.  
3 Campaign updates  
3.1 FoI request: business case for Bedford/L&D merger  
  CC had been unable to produce a press release as VC had not supplied enough info.  JF to chase VC JF, VC
3.2 June 30 marches to stations  
  CC reminded of need to order placards and fliers for each town. Who?
  CC submitted re-draft of JF’s flier, but also showed a good one from N London campaign which it may be better to adapt.  CC to redraft for next meeting, then to print for June 30. CC
3.3 NHS 70th birthday parties at hospitals  
  JF offered to lead on Bedford’s.  All to support, and in other towns.  CC noted NHS was also pushing the tea-party idea, so there might be more establishment competition. JF/All
3.4 Working on councillors  
  Agreed this very important: HWBs, Scrutiny committees, Constituency Labour parties.  JF will look out model letters to councillors and motions to CLPs.  CLP motions had to come from individuals but could carry more weight if sponsored by branches, unions or other affiliates. JF/All
3.5 Media  
  CC still awaiting further info on Luton media contacts from JT. JT, CC
3.6 Community groups inventory  
  Paul Williams (for MK) GT, VC + JT and Tom Shaw were to compile a list of local community, tenants and pensioners groups.  Not done. Those named
4 Bank Account  
  Markus Kearney had reported some bureaucratic delays  
5 Next meeting  
  Tues 14th June, 19.00, Luton, venue TBC. WHO?