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In order to make the savings required the BLMK STP will focus on a number of things, one of those is ‘Care Closer to Home’. In Devon they already do this. They have closed most of their community hospital beds, which means patients are either recuperating in (blocking) Acute beds, or, more usually, being discharged straight home after very serious operations or for end of life care. The Bedford Hospital has admitted that there is inadequate Social Care provision and this is because Social Care funding has been cut massively in recent years.

71% Beds Closed

All beds removed from 19 out of 27 community hospitals

Seriously Ill Patients Sent Home Post Op with No Care

Watch this video to see the results of ‘Closer to home Care’ and the loss of hundreds of community hospital beds. The first five minutes will give you a sense of what we need to be aware of when monitoring changes as a result of the STP.

One national campaign is challenging legality of the creation of ACOs and has been granted permission for a Judicial Review, to find out more click here

Care Closer to Home
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